Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jessie J and the TV Shows

       This week I thought we would look at Television and Jessie J with all the talk and speculation around the UK voice. In my opinion I think Jessie made a wrong move by signing up for the Voice. I was reading a comment by a USA fan the other day which went something like this. What is her management doing signing her up for that show when she could be doing live shows in America or finishing her second album and I have to agree. I think Jessie made the decision on her desire to help people. Honourable move but not necessary the right one because she is so early in her career, she is barely established herself! There is definate signs that she wont be back for the UK Voice second series even if there is one. Doubling her salary definately won't cut it for Jess. She has already put in place a UK tour around the next filming of the Voice so i think there is strong signs she won't be back and I think that will mean her co judge and close friend Tom Jones won't be returning either!
     Now got the UK voice business out of the way. Let's take a look at some of Jess's super performance on TV shows from around the world!

Mama Knows Best 
Britains Got Talent

Domino German TV New Pop Festival
First time Jessie J performed Domino Live! 

     I want to make music. Thats my way of putting a bit of good into this world. I am not a superhero,I can't cure diseases,I can't save people but I can write music that can heal inside and can help people.
 Who You Are 
German TV 

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Playful Jessie J

          Its been a rather drama filled week so far for the beautiful Jessica Cornish with the media giving her a hard time and all the mishaps on the UKVoice. For this reason  I thought we might take a look at the light she brings into peoples lives with her genuine desire to bring good to this world. Whether it be through her visits to hospitals bringing awareness that there are children out there, doing it tough or her playful side on the voice putting smiles on peoples faces through her fun loving antics and funny faces. Jessica Cornish brings a breathe of fresh air to this world so keep making the world dance and don't let the negative media and diva comments stop you from doing good. Your an angel of the first degree and we need more like you Jessica Cornish.
             The Rugby Tackle of the Week 

Jessie J and her Funny Faces 

Jessie J Visiting Greater Ormond Street Hospital

Performing Stand Up at The Comedy Gala

Jessie and the Button! Super Cute Miss Cornish

She's an Angel of the First Degree 

She's as sweet as tupelo honey, just like honey baby from the bee.
You can't stop us on the road to freedom,
you can't keep us, cause our eyes can see.
Knights in armour bent on chivalry.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Truth ! Stomp Stomp I've Arrived !

        Getting to know how the Jessie J magic came about! Searching out the inside story of the amazing Jessica Cornish and understanding what makes the person she is. The history behind the superstar. How she writes her music and looking at the humour,honesty and flaws of this amazing artist/performer!I am glad they did'nt leave you on the shelf Jessie J, the world would have missed out on one truly amazing artist. Just a tip from me to the people who may read this. Get yourself to a Jessie J concert to really experience the magic, you won't forget it! Energy Live in Berlin concert will finish this post!

The Arjan interview December 2010

 New Music Live Interview Toronto Canada

Alan Carr Interview 

Jessie and her musical influences. Whitney Houston was the artist that made her want to become a singer. The writing of her new music and what is influencing that album.

 Energy Live Berlin